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Orange Mountain Foods 
 Crossing Borders 
 Crossing Borders 

About Us

Having high experience in international food business, Orange Mountain Foods brings together a unique combination of global sourcing, logistical excellence and trust & transparency. Hand-in-hand with our partner production companies we explore worldwide export markets. At the same time we translate the demands of our worldwide customers into the production of our partners. With a strong and transparent cooperation we go for the extra mile.

Worldwide sourcing
For our customers we source our products worldwide. We have a strong presence in sourcing in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and South America. We exclusively source our products from production companies that have the highest standards of quality and food safety. Key element in our vision is to reduce the risk of food fraud and damage to the brand and image by transparency towards our customers. We have a solid partnership with Simons Halal Foods. Together we supply our customers in foodservice, retail and food industry the required halal meat products of the best quality and with maximum control on food safety and use of ingredients. All is produced under the strictest halal standards.

Simons Halal Foods and Orange Mountain Foods are convinced that an open and transparent supply chain build a strong chain with our customers. Only with strong chains we can focus on fulfilling the demand of the final consumers.

Why Orange Mountain Foods

Due to the close relation with our customers we are constantly analyzing our portfolio and presenting new concepts
We pride ourselves on working with a carefully selected number of processors who meet rigid criteria for quality standards
We are crossing borders, we source globally from trusted partners with state of the art production facilities
Our customers rely on our network and knowledge sourcing the perfect products for them
Network & Partners
Our philosophy is based on close relationships with our customers and suppliers. We have long lasting relations with our partners, this gives us the possibility to go that extra mile for you. Our global network of producers consist of state of the art production facilities. We offer our customers worldwide sourcing for various product categories. The joint vision is based on flexibility, transparency and reliability. Therefore we guarantee a high level of delivery reliability

Our Products


Our customers rely on our network and knowledge sourcing the perfect products for them. In return, we provide them full transparency about the supply chain of the products, assuring the highest level of food safety and meeting their demands and specifications. Open communication and transparency are our key values.

We have a close partnership with our suppliers, they are our partners. This gives us the ability to answer all important questions from our customers. Transparency is the only way that lead us to the future and will protect our brand and image.