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French Fries

Orange Mountain Foods offers frozen French fries, frozen potato products / specialties and appetizers from the leading producers. We ship the products mainly from Holland and Belgium. We offer regular fries, coated fries and potato specialties. We pack a complete range of products under Orange Mountain® brand, producers brand and private label.

We only work with leading producers in order to guarantee consistent quality year round. From new harvest till production from potato out of the storage. Our producers and factories are selected on the ability to produce consistent quality year round. 

Regular Fries

3/16”– 6 mm – 7 mm (shoestring)
3/8” – 9 mm – 10/10
7/16” – 12 mm
9/16”- 14 mm
Steakhouse 10×20

Crinkle cut french fries orange mountain holland belgium

Coated Fries

Clear Coated 
3/16”– 6 mm – 7 mm (shoestring)
3/8” – 9 mm – 10/10
7/16” – 12 mm

Salted fries 
3/16″- 6 mm – 7 mm (shoestring) 

Clkear Coated Straight cut 3-8 Orange Mountain Foods Holland Belgium

Potato Specialities

Potato cubes
Potato slices
Potato wedges skin-on
Potato wedges skin-off
Roast Potato
Hashbrown triangle
Hashbrown round
Mashed potato

Potato wedges skin-on Orange Mountain Foods Holland Belgium

For any other products please contact us.

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