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Halal Meats

Our halal meats are produced by our partner Simons Halal Foods. The factory is audited  by BRC and IFS. The factory produces halal meats only and everything is produced under strict halal guidelines and is certified by JAKIM (Malaysia), HQC (Halal Quality Control), and Halal Europe. Products can be DNA tested on non-halal ingredients, your ideal guarantee on reducing the risk of food-fraud and damage to your brand or image.
Simons Halal Foods produces a wide range of cooked meats and sausages. All products can be offered in bulk packaging for food industry, foodservice packaging or consumer packs for retail.
Sliced cooked meats, cooked sausages (Mortadella, Pastrami etc), hotdogs and garlic sausages are sold in various flavors, sizes and packaging. 
The logistic excellence and global experience of Orange Mountain Foods in combination with Simons Halal Foods creates a partnership that is one of the worldwide category leaders in halal meats.

Cooked Sausages

Beef Sausages
Chicken Sausages
Turkey Sausages
Cocktail Sausages 
Jumbo Beef Sausages 
Chicken Grill Sausages

cooked sausage

Sliced Cooked Meats

Beef Sausage 
Chicken Sausage 
Chicken Sausage With Olives
Chicken Sausage With Pistachio 

Roast beef sandwich


Beef Sausages 
Turkey Sausages 
Jumbo Beef Sausages
Cocktail Sausages
Chicken Grill Sausages 

halal meat hotdog Simons


Short Ribs
Sliced Hotdogs 
Diced Chicken Ham
Diced Turkey Ham
Roast Beef Well Done 

Garlic Sausages

Pamak Sucuk 
Kangal Socuk 

Garlic sausage

For any other products please contact us.

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