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Fresh Onions

Orange Mountain Foods exports fresh onions year round. Located close to the main growing areas we are keep a close look at the growing, harvest and storage conditions. We pack Dutch quality onions in Orange Mountain® brand. Yellow, red and white onions are offered in various sizes and packaging types.


Yellow onions

Red onions

White onions

Yellow Red Onions Dutch


35 – 45 mm
35 – 50 mm
40 – 60 mm
45 – 65 mm
50 – 70 mm
60 – 80 mm
65 – 85 mm
70 – 90 mm
75 – 105 mm

fresh onions
Yellow Red Onions Dutch


  1 kg
  5 kg
10 kg
15 kg
18 kg
20 kg
50 lbs
25 kg

Yellow Red Onions Dutch
fresh onions

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